Professional Strengths Coach

Partnering with individuals & teams who seek greater fulfilment from their successes, deeper meaning and purpose in life and work, and ways to make more meaningful contributions in all they do

Strengths based leadership coaching

During either one-on-one coaching sessions or team settings, I will enable you to understand what makes you most productive & effective, both professionally & personally. 

Strengths based leadership workshops & retreats

I will guide you through the process of aligning your goals, visions & strengths so that your team can accomplish big things.


The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something

Awareness as a Goal

Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact


The study of one’s own behaviour and motivations

Intrapersonal Understanding

Thought that you give to your own character and actions

What Is Strengths Coaching?

When it comes to developing people, there is more to be gained by building on their existing strengths than on trying to make good their weaknesses.

Who Is Coaching For?

Inspiring leaders when big things in the organisation change, skills development during individual transitions, critical and specific skills development and assisting clients to resolve specific problems

Developing capabilities of high-potential managers or facilitate an upward transition

Act a sounding board on organisational or strategic matters

Address derailing behaviour

Enhance the dynamics of a team

What is The Process Like?

The uniqueness of People is discovered through the ongoing exploration of talents. It is our objective to shape a Culture that intentionally aligns People around a Strengths philosophy. We believe that ultimately it is within a Team where People gain insight into others while sharpening their own Strengths’ potential, capacity and influence.

The process is customised to the needs of our clients depending on what they want to achieve, where they are at in their careers and other factors. We want to help people understand their Strengths, deal with self-awareness issues, turn their focus from themselves to others and generally be more effective in whatever setting they find themselves in, personally, professionally, etc.

“Stop playing small – your playing small does not serve the world – you are meant to shine”
~ Marianne Williamson

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